VP Business Operations/Managing Counselor

  • Certified Debt Specialist (CDS)

International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators

  • Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer, FL – NMLS #1090027

Ms. Wood has extensive experience in Debt Settlement, Business, and Finance. She managed Two large commercial banks, as well as owned and operated a Mortgage Company for over 10 years in the states of Massachusetts & Rhode Island. Eventually, she decided to focus on debt relief and mortgage financing at “Unchain Your Credit” where consumes need her help, experience, and knowledge the most.

Ms. Wood received the highest compliance rating from the Division of Banking and was recognized a “Business Owner of the Year”. She was listed as one of the communities most influential business people, and therefore has proven to adhere to the highest standard of ethics.

Ms. Wood also holds an active Financial License in the state of Florida.

She has a broad knowledge about Credit, Tax Issues, and Financing that allows her to best assist her clients in reaching their desired financial goals.

Ms. Wood has counseled thousands of clients who looked to her for help. She listens to each prospect with a “sympathetic ear” which allows her to offer the BEST RELIEF OPTIONS that fit their needs and help them overcome their financial hardship. She understands that everyone’s financial situation is Unique.

Her compassion and knowledge have afforded her the accolades from Industry peers, but most importantly, from the consumers she has helped.